Let's get ready for band!

"Let's get ready for band" is a series of eight 30-minute lessons focusing on reading music notation and playing the recorder for students who will be studying band instruments.

It's so much easier to start a band instrument if you can already read music! For students who plan to study flute, oboe, clarinet, or saxophone, playing recorder is a great way to get a head start on the basics of tone production and wind instrument technique.

After the eight lessons, students will be able to identify the notes on the treble clef, count quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes, and play the music that they are reading on the recorder.


We schedule the lessons to fit with your family's schedule.  Ideally, lessons should be weekly, but we can work around your needs.   

And there's a bonus: When we're finished, students will already know some of the finger combinations for similar notes on the some of the band instruments.  Here's how it works:

Using the SAME finger combinations, students will be able to play:

Here are the finger combinations for the notes B, A, and G

on the recorder.

B, A, G on the flute

B, A, G on the oboe

B, A, G on the alto saxophone

E, D, C on the clarinet

I will provide lesson materials such as music and fingering charts, in addition to mp3 recordings of accompaniments for the for the songs we learn.


Where do you get a recorder?  I've found some in the Dollar Tree for... yup ... a dollar.  Amazon has a good selection of inexpensive plastic instruments.  

A note of caution to parents purchasing instruments:  It's absolutely fine to buy an inexpensive plastic instrument for eight beginner lessons.  But when it's time to buy a band instrument, do not even think about purchasing any of the low cost band instruments on Amazon or Ebay! 


A $75 flute may look like a bargain, but these instruments usually fall apart quickly and frequently cannot be repaired.  You're MUCH better off buying a used student instrument or renting an instrument from a reputable dealer. 

My studio is in Dedham, MA, convenient to Routes 1, 95, and 128. There is ample on-street parking.

Call or email for the location.

I provide online instruction via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.

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