Let's get ready for band!

recorder two hand fingerings.jpg

For many students, recorder study would be part of their classroom music education as part of their preparation to begin band instruments.   Unfortunately in the time of COVID-19, even if students are back in the classroom, teaching wind instruments such as the recorder has not been possible due to health issues. 

"Let's get ready for band" is a set of two mini-courses, beginning and intermediate, focusing on developing the musical skills students will need when they study band instruments.  Each class includes of eight 30-minute private lessons, plus two optional "extra help sessions."  

We arrange the lessons to fit with your family's schedule.  Ideally, lessons should be weekly, but we can work around your needs.   


I will provide lesson materials such as music and fingering charts, in addition to mp3 recordings of accompaniments for the for the songs students are learning.


Where do you get a recorder?  I've found some in the Dollar Tree for... yup ... a dollar.  Amazon has a good selection of inexpensive plastic instruments.  

Course Fees

Eight 30-minute lessons, paid in advance:  $135

Fee per lesson, $20

(Please note that all lessons need to be paid for by the time of the lesson.)