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I provide audition preparation for woodwind students who may not be studying regularly with a private instructor, but would like assistance in preparing for district and regional auditions.

(If you are currently studying with another instructor, please get permission from your teacher to work with me.  It's a matter of professional courtesy!)


We schedule eight 30- or 60-minute individual sessions at weekly intervals, culminating in a mock audition live or via Zoom.  In each session we review all of the required scales and practice sight-reading, in addition to studying the solo.  


Other topics covered are:

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  • Warm-up strategies: ignore those warm-up room hotshots!

  • Scales and sight-reading strategies

  • The importance of tempo control: how to avoid rushing

  • Auditions from the other side of the judges’ desk: what judges listen for

  • Audition Math™

  • Breath management: what do when the adrenaline kicks in

  • What if you DO make a mistake? How to recover gracefully and keep going

I also provide audition workshops onsite at schools. Workshops include a 1-hour talk about the audition process and a 1-hour master class coaching students on their audition music.

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