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Private Lessons and Audition Preparation Sessions

One 1-hour lesson or audition preparation session: $65

Two months of lessons, paid in advance: $60/lesson

One 1/2-hour lesson or sessions: $40

Two months of 1/2-hour lessons paid in advance: $35/lesson


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Oboe Reed Adjustment


$95 for the 90-minute session


Switching to oboe from flute, clarinet, or sax

$120 for six 30-minute lessons plus two hand-made reeds


Help, there's an oboe player in my band!

$95 for the 90-minute session


Oboe Reeds

$18 each, plus shipping


Studio Policies 

  • 24-hour notice is required for cancelled lessons; otherwise, payment is still expected.  The only exception is for student illness; in that case, please notify me by the time of the lesson and we'll reschedule.

  • If an online lesson can't be completed because of a technical issue, e.g., if the WiFi fails on either end, the lesson will be rescheduled.

  • Payments for lessons and reeds may be made in advance or at the time of the lesson. I offer online billing and payments via Paypal.
    All lessons MUST be paid for by the time of the lesson.


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