I teach online via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.  Although Zoom is the most popular, I've found that Skype works a bit better for woodwind instruments. If students and their parents are more comfortable using Zoom, there are a couple of settings that we can adjust for better sound quality

For an online lesson you will need:


  • A PC, tablet, or mobile phone with a microphone and camera with Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime installed.

  • A reliable high speed internet connection

  • Your music, printed out or on a tablet

  • A pencil or an app for taking notes

  • A metronome and tuner

  • For oboe players, a reed that has been soaking for 3-5 minutes

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If we're connecting via Zoom, I'll send the link one hour before the service.  If we're connecting via Skype, I'll text you one minute before the lesson and then start the video call.


A few other pointers to enable the online lesson go smoothly:

  • It helps if you set up as closely as possible to the router in your home, particularly if we're having connectivity issues.

  • If we lose the connection, hang up.  I will call you back.

  • If either of us has technical difficulties that we cannot resolve quickly, e.g. if the WiFi fails, we'll reschedule the lesson.  If we're just a few minutes from the end of the lesson, we'll finish via mobile phone.

  • If you would like help with band or orchestra music, please scan it or take a photo of it and send it to me before your lesson.

  • I always have a mobile phone at the lesson for backup so we can communicate if there are WI-FI issues.  If at all possible, please have a mobile phone at your lesson and make sure that I have the number.

  • 24-hour notice is required for cancelled lessons; otherwise, payment is still expected. The only exception is for student illness; in that case, please notify me by the time of the lesson and we'll reschedule.

  • If an online lesson can't be completed because of a technical issue, e.g., if the WiFi fails on either end, the lesson will be rescheduled.

  • Payments for the lessons must be completed at the time of the lesson. I offer online billing and payments via Paypal and Venmo.  If you prefer to mail a check, I need to receive it by the time of the lesson.