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Not all oboists need to be able to make reeds from scratch.  But all oboists should be able to make minor adjustments to their reeds.  This workshop will teach you how to adjust reeds with a minimum of equipment and little or no experience making reeds.

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We delve into how to adjust completed oboe reeds that just need a bit of a tweak.  What can you do if the reed is too hard to blow?  Too sharp?  Too flat? Too open?  Too closed?  Too stuffy?  Too quacky?


Are you hesitant to take a knife to your reeds?  We start with making minor changes with files and sandpaper. 


I demonstrate adjustments that can be done with items that you may have around the house or can purchase inexpensively at Home Depot or Amazon.


And we finish with adjustments that use a minimum of tools: a reed knife, plaque, and cutting block.  I’ll show you how to hold a reed knife properly and suggest ways to practice scraping without destroying expensive reeds. 


This workshop can be done online or in-person.

The fee is $95 for a 90-minute session, payable in advance.

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