Resources for instruments and music


Midwest Musical Imports

MMI has an excellent rent-to-own program which has made it possible for some of my students to purchase better quality instruments on a smaller family budget.

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Forrests Music

Forrests has excellent rental instruments and a budget program for purchases. 

Woodwind Workshop

Oboes, bassoons, clarinets, oboe rentals.

Parents:  Do NOT be tempted by the cheap band instruments you'll find on Amazon or Ebay!!  A $75 flute may look like a bargain and it may even play fairly well out of the box, but it probably will deteriorate quickly and need constant repair, if it can be repaired at all.


For eight weeks of beginning recorder, a plastic beginner soprano instrument is fine.  I've actually found instruments at the Dollar Tree for ... a dollar.  There is a large selection of inexpensive plastic instruments on Amazon.

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But for a real musical instrument, contact Von Huene Workshop:

Their experts are terrific at helping you find an excellent instrument in any price range.  

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In most areas, students who are auditioning for region, district, and state ensembles are REQUIRED to play the audition using an original printed copy of the music.  No photocopies, scans, or PDFs on a tablet!   


Below are links to Amazon for some of the commonly used flute and oboe audition solos  You may even be able to find second hand editions. 

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International Music Score Library Project (Petrucci Music Library)

IMSLP is a terrific collection of music in the public domain.  It adheres to Canadian copyright law, which means that all editions are 1) at least 50 years old, or 2) new music posted by the composer.

It has a terrific search engine, but if you want to jump in and browse, here are some places to start: